Bosch Motorsport MM5.10 Acceleration Sensor Open End


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Bosch Motorsport MM5.10 was designed to measure the physical effects of rotational and linear acceleration. In order to achieve this, the sensor includes MEMS measuring elements connected to an appropriate integrated circuit.

A rotational acceleration around the integrated sensing elements generates a Coriolis force which changes the internal capacity of the micro machined sensing parts. Furthermore, a pure surface micro machined element is used to measure the vehicle linear acceleration in all 3 axis. This combination of rotational and linear acceleration sensors enables a precise measurement of the vehicle dynamics.

The main feature and benefit of this sensor is the combination of 3 linear and 2 rotational accelerometers and its high speed 1 Mbaud CAN-signal output.


  • 2-axis rotation rate (yaw rate, roll rate) ±163°/s
  • 3-axis accelerometer (X, Y, Z) ±4.2 g

Installation Notes

  • Mounting position: Connector opposite to driving direction.
  • The MM5.10 can be connected directly to most control units and data logging systems.
  • Please avoid abrupt temperature changes.
  • For mounting please use only the integrated fixing holes.
  • Please ensure that the environmental conditions do not exceed the sensor specifications.
  • Please find further application hints in the offer drawing at our homepage and calibration sheet.
  • Please deliver the calibration sheet with your order placement.
  • Please note: CAN ID0 0x0170 (Rx) or 0x75 (Rx) is used for synchronization and configuration of the sensor (SYNC). Make sure that the CAN ID 0x170 (Rx) or 0x75 (Rx) is not used in your CAN network by any other device.
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