Ecumaster ADU-7 Autosport Advanced Display Unit


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The ADU comes with multiple pre-configured pages, which can be customized by the end user to display data required at every race stage (e.g. practice, qualification, race, troubleshooting, etc.). Pages may be changed manually or automatically (based on defined conditions). Each channel displayed on a page (gauges, icons, texts, etc.) can be easily modified in real time using user-friendly Windows based software. Our comprehensive overlay system facilitates a multiple page display for important data (e.g. low oil pressure, best lap, etc.) independent of the actual page displayed.

– Temperature range: AECQ100 GRADE3 (-40 to +85?C)
– Reverse battery protection: Yes, internal
– Operating voltage: 6-22V, immunity to transients according to ISO 7637
– Connectors: Round motorsport connector
– PC communication: CAN BUS – Ecumaster interface, Peak or Kvaser
– Display Type: TFT 800×480
– Brightness of display: 7″ – 1000 cd/m2

– Analogue inputs: 8 inputs, 10 bits, 0-5 V, software controlled pull-up/pull-down 10K resistor. Al analog inputs can be used as a switches
– Digital inputs: 8 digital inputs, software controlled input sensitivity (VR, Hall), software controlled 4K7 pull-up resistors, used for engine speed sensors, Flex Fuel, wheel speeds, turbocharger shaft speed. All digital inputs can be used as switches
– Outputs: 2 low side outputs (switch to ground), up to 2A, 1 analogue output (0-5V) 10 bits
– +5V Output: Monitored 5V output for powering external sensors

– CAN Interface: 2 x CAN2.0 A/B, 250, 500, 1000 Kbps
– CAN streams: User-defined
– Serial communication: RS232 Rx/Tx, AiM protocols, Ecumaster, Hondata Kpro, Autronic
– USB: Used for logging to external USB memory

– Light Emitting Diodes: 15 ultra bright RGB LEDs
– Accelerometer/gyroscope: 3D accelerometer + 3D gyroscope for the analysis of vehicle dynamics

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