Ecumaster PMU 16 AS Power Management Unit


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The PMU16 Autosport Version is designed for demanding customers and installations where reliability and robustness is priority. Autosport connectors represent the highest quality connector available and are the standard for professional motorsports and aerospace industries. The battery connection utilizes a RadlokTM connector rated to 200 amps that can be disconnected without the need for any tools. The output connector is a custom 18 pin, 12 gauge connector designed and manufactured specifically for Ecumaster.

Compared to the standard PMU16, 6 low side outputs have been added and are rated at 1 amp per channel. 14 of the main output channels are rated at 25 amps, with two output channels rated at 40 amps.

– Temperature range: AECQ100 GRADE1 (-40 to +125?C)
– CPU: 32 bits automotive, 90MIPS
– Operating voltage: 6-22V, immunity to transients according to ISO 7637
– Enclosure: IP 60, bespoke CNC machined aluminium
– Size (mm) and weight(g): 131x112x32.5, 345g
– Connectors: 1 x 39 Automotive connector,
– 1 x M6 stud for battery connection

– High current outputs: 14 x 25A(cont.), 2x 40A (cont.) with overcurrent and overheating protection.
– Low side outputs: 6 x 1A (13A Peak)
Outputs may be paired to increase continuous current capability. Current and voltage is measured for each output
– Total current output: 200A continuous
– Output current control step: 100mA
– Wipers output: Dedicated output with wiper braking feature
– +5V: Monitored 5V, 500mA output for powering external sensors.

– Analog inputs: 16 inputs, 10 bit resolution, 0-5V (protected), with software selectable 10K Ohm pullup and pulldowns
– CAN Keypads: 2 x Ecumaster keypads (4, 6, 8, 12 keys)

– CAN interface:2 x CAN2.0 A/B
– CAN standard: CAN2.0 A/B – 125, 250, 500, 1000 kbps

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