Ethanol Content Flex Fuel Sensor for E85


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Using Flex Fuel Sensor you can measure the ratio of ethanol to petrol in your race car. We recommend to install Ethanol Content sensor to the fuel system return line.

Why would you need Flex Fuel Sensor for you race car?

The standout feature of Ethanol Content Sensor is its ability to accurately measure both a vehicle’s fuel composition (ethanol content) percentage and fuel temperature. This dual functionality allows users with programmable engine management systems to fine tune their engine’s calibration for the exact fuel ethanol content, ensuring optimal performance. This data can be used to ensure that the engine is running at peak efficiency (Maximum horsepower).

With the growing popularity of flex fuel vehicles and the increasing availability of ethanol-blended fuels, the Flex Fuel Sensor is an essential tool for ensuring proper fuel management and optimal engine performance (ignition timing table and boost levels). Gas stations often label flex fuel as E85 (85% Ethanol and 15% Gasoline), but the actual ethanol content can vary. Especially this change in ethanol content is noticable during winter. This sensor eliminates the guesswork, delivering accurate data on the fuel blend in use at any given moment.

Sensor Wiring Pinout (Connector):

  • Pin 1. Battery 12V
  • Pin 2. Ground (not 0v)
  • Pin 3. Signal output (Digital input, Frequency output)

This sensor is compatible with most popular standalone programmable ECUs:

  • Emtron KV8, KV12, KV16
  • MoTeC M800 and M1 Series
  • Link ECU
  • MaxxECU
  • Ecumaster
  • AEM
  • Haltech

Install a Flex Fuel Sensor on return line, not to limit fuel flow

  • Using AN6 or AN8 aluminium fitting adapters to  3/8? pipe (9.5mm)

Genuine Continental product
Genuine GM part number: 13577429

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