Link G5 Voodoo Pro ECU


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NEW Link G5 Voodoo Pro ECU

Link G5 Voodoo Pro puts real magic in your hands and opens a new world of possibilities with the ability to control port plus direct injection, more injector and ignition drives, advanced communications and many more features.

With 12 Injection, 8 Ignition and 4 multi-purpose (inj, ign, aux) drives (24 total) Link G5 Voodoo Pro can run up to:
– twelve cylinders or six rotors with sequential injection and direct spark, or
– eight cylinders with staged injection and direct spark.

– Built-in WiFi, with real-time PC Link connection
– Built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) up to 50Hz
– Dual onboard Digital Wideband Lambda controllers
– Dual onboard E-throttle (Drive by Wire)
– 12 Injection, 8 Ignition and 4 multi-purpose (inj, ign, aux) drives (24 total)
– Dual microcontrollers
– Direct Injection (DI) on up to 12 injection drives (using an external OEM or aftermarket driver box – more info on working with DI here)
– Link CAN Files – Create your own separate CAN files with additional streams and channels, which can be saved, locked and shared
– Runs on the same highly acclaimed PC Link software as G4X, meaning you don’t need to learn a new software package. You can open both G4X and G5 log and map files in the same software (G4X Map can also be loaded into a G5 Voodoo Pro)
– Flexible mounting options – Fix to a face using the three top-down through-holes with M5 or 3/16 socket screws, or hang the ECU from a dash bar or similar using custom brackets and the four M4 side mounting points.

*Requires “A”, “B” & “E” connector kits (not supplied).

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