RRS Diamond black race suit, XL size


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Perfect race suit for rally, track, kart-cross, rally-cross, endurance…

This top range suit is a super deal, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

RRS Diamond FIA race suits are made with three high quality Dupont-Nemours Nomex layers, offering an excellent resistance to heat and flames, and unrivaled light weight.

Soft shiny material and coloured stripes on your overall sides, for a classic and timeless design.

Super soft white interior with its « comfort fibers », for the best breathability and comfort possible.

Excellent heat evacuation. Maximal protection.

Internal smartphone pocket.

Specifications :

3 high quality 100% Nomex layers

In compliance with FIA 8856-2018

Fiber density : 250g/m²

Super light-weight : Only 1,4kg. (more comfort, less heat)

Nomex is the name of protective solutions made with aramid fibers, extremely resistant to heat and flames, created and developped by DuPont.

This highly elevated protection level make part of fibers molecular structures. It doesn’t come from a chemical treatment.

Consequently, Nomex heat and flames resistance is permanent, and suit saves its protective properties for years and years.

Dimensions 34.000 × 30.000 × 10.000 cm



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